Cigar of the week: Oliva Serie G Maduro

Cigar of the Week: Oliva Serie G Maduro - Belicoso

A couple of years ago Jerry and IOpens in a new tab. were just getting into video reviews over on Stogie ReviewOpens in a new tab.. Things were very new to us and we were just trying to have fun with it while providing useful information to our readers.

One day, while listening to Dog Watch Cigar RadioOpens in a new tab., I heard Bob talk about smoking an Oliva cigar on vacation. Bob had good things to say about the cigar and as a result, I wanted to check it out for myself. At the time I was buying singles from a shop in Exton, JM CigarsOpens in a new tab., which was a forty minute drive from my home. While there one day I happened to come across a box of Oliva cigars on a low shelf.

Inside the box were several Serie G Cameroon Churchills and a pair of Maduro Churchills. I grabbed the two Maduros, and a couple of Cameroons to add to the fistful of cigars I had ready to purchase.

A couple of days later I fired up that first G Maduro and enjoyed it quite a bit. Later on, I got around to smoking the second of the two, for the purpose of a video review. Having been so impressed with the cigar, I ordered a box. In the review I went on and on about how much I enjoyed them and strongly recommended them.

A couple of weeks later I got an email from one of the Oliva sales representatives. The reps name was Sam Leccia and, at the time, covered the western Pennsylvania area. Having liked the review he stumbled onto via YouTube, he asked if I would be interested in trying some more of what Oliva had to offer. Several days later I received a packe containing the Oliva staple products.

Since doing that first Serie G Maduro reviewOpens in a new tab., I’ve been smoking the line on a regular basis. I can easily say that the most smoked cigar in my rotation is the G Maduro. I think that the flavors are crisp and the construction is solid. A well built cigar all the way around.

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What one cigar do you think
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Hi There, My name is Walt White and as the name of this blog suggests, I am a Pennsylvania resident. In addition to having numerous hobbies that I discuss on my blog - I’m also the father of three little girls and a pitbull.

6 thoughts on “Cigar of the week: Oliva Serie G Maduro

  1. Another Great Video Walt! I am going to have to find this Cigar and give it a try.

    Keep up the great work!!

  2. I’m going to have to try them too! I usually smoke the vintage rocky patels. I was turned on to them by a friend, and get them cheap as seconds from the devil sitem

  3. I also enjoy the Serie G Maduro alot! It is my favorite cigar I have smoked to date and offers the best “bang for the buck.” I pick 5-packs up from cigarbid when I see them.

    I’m pretty new to cigar smoking and haven’t tried more than a dozen or two brands…having said that this Serie G Maduro is what I have smoked the most of so far.

    Coincidentally, this cigar in the churchill size is what I plan on giving to three buddies I work with. None have tried the Serie G Maduro and I’ll be passing some out tomorrow! Yeppers!

  4. i just tried this about a week ago. I then went out and bought 5 more in various sizes. I think I am going to by a box of them soon.

    I smoked the G torpedo and found that draw issue you mentioned was there. Same fix though- when I cut a little extra off it was a quick fix.

  5. I 2 Enjoy the G Maduro. In fact I am smoking that one as I type this. I smoke many Cigars but my Goto are the G maduro and The V Fig. Love them cigars over the others that I smoke. Like the Nub and a few Cain’s as well. I like that they are great in Taste and don’t matter when I bought them they are still great. Another cigar I am a Fan of that many others don’t like much for what ever reason is Gurkha, Have some Cuban Legacy Of 09 that is really nice little spicy but like Spice.

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