Completely and Utterly Skunked: Hunting PA Public Land

Walt Hunting PA Public Land

After a very long two weeks, I walked to my mailbox and found my PA Antlerless Deer Tags waiting inside. It meant that all of the preparation that I had over the past several weeks would finally come to fruition. It was time to hit the woods. It was time to harvest myself a deer.

A few days prior to going into the woods, I was given some advice on a new hunting spot. It was on the opposite side of the lake that I planned to hunt but rumor had it that there was much less hunting pressure and more deer in the area. With a very tight schedule, I hit the woods to do a little scouting about an hour before dark.

I left frustrated and confused. The best I could do was find what looked like a beaten down path caused by animals going in and out of the woods. It went against everything I’d learned so far but I was going to hunt this path and hope that I could at least watch a few deer move around in the woods.

My first experience Hunting PA Public Land was enjoyable but in terms of deer, I was completely and utterly skunked. I saw and heard nothing except birds and a couple of very annoying squirrels. If the rain holds off, I’ll be back in the woods on Friday. With any luck I’ll do a little better next time.


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