Confessor – The Sword of Truth Series

Terry Goodkind - Confessor

In this edition of Shooting The Breeze, I discuss the last book of the Sword of Truth Series entitled Confessor. This book also concludes the Chainfire trilogy which includes books nine (Chainfire), ten (Phantom), and eleven (Confessor)


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One thought on “Confessor – The Sword of Truth Series

  1. try #3

    Great review of all the books! I suggest giving spoilers in the wrap-up! I probably wont have the books for a while and I will forget everything anyway…lol.

    Series that a woman at the book store in the Lancaster outlets told me about is the new Robin Hood – Hood, Scarlet and the third book is Tuck. Supposed to be a different take on Robin Hood. With your library growing, I figured I would throw those out to you, especially if you like the BBC series. I did not buy them there because they were close to $17 for the paperbacks, if I remember correctly. You should be able to find them cheaper though!


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