Eating at the Yellow Submerine

Yellow Submarine - Mural on Counter

On Saturday my wife and I had to make a stop in West Reading to visit a family member in the Reading Hospital. After our visit, my wife made mention of stopping somewhere for lunch. Having eaten at a place called GNA on a few occasions, we planned to have lunch there.

Like always, I drove to the restaurant and there was no parking available in their tiny lot. I drove around the block and was unable to find street parking either. I drove around the block and made my way to the parking lot of a strip mall. We got out of the car and began to walk the one city block to the restaurant.

As we exited the parking lot, my wife asked me if I was up for trying a new place which we were about to walk past. The name of the business was The Yellow SubmarineOpens in a new tab.. I have heard lots of good things about it and wanted was interested in checking it out. Written on the windows were advertisements about their “Real Philly Cheese Steaks”.

Having grown up in Philly and experienced a number of “Real Philly Cheese Steaks”, I haven’t had a single one that was really good since I’ve moved out to the Reading area. There was also a note advertising the fact that they used only South Philly rolls and ingredients, after reading this I was compelled to check it out.

As my wife and I entered the tiny shop, I was slapped in the face by heat. With the sudden onset of warm weather in PA as of late (84 today) the shop felt overly warm with the addition of food being cooked right inside. We walked up to the counter and grabbed a menu, then put in our orders.

We were told to grab a seat (at one of about 8 tables) and the young woman that took our order would bring it out. As I sat waiting for my food, I began taking a look around. With a name like Yellow Submarine, you would be right in thinking that it was decked out in Beatles decor.

Menu items were Beatles themed and the walls and tables were painted to resembled the Beatles and their song titles. After a few minutes our food was brought out and placed in front of us. As soon as I saw my cheese steak, I recognized the Amoroso’s roll and had very high hopes for a decent “Real Philly Cheese Steak”.

When it was all said and done, my wife and I were both thoroughly impressed by the food. My steak was hands down the best I have had since moving out of Philly and I’ll definitely be stopping in from time to time for more. Between my wife’s 6 inch California Cheese Steak, my 6 inch Yellow Submarine, and two Vitamin Waters, the bill came to roughly $14.00

If you ever find yourself in West Reading, swing into the Yellow Submarine and check it out. Be prepared for a small, family owned, business experience. Seating is close quarters and the place can get warm due to the food prep area and seating area being in the same room.

Photo Credit: Yellow SubmarineOpens in a new tab. Restaurant in West Reading, PA

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  1. Chili Man Wieners in Towson, MD. Great little hog dog/drunk food type place, and cheap. Most days they have a great Foot Long Chili Dog special. $4.99 gets you foot long w/ whatever you want on it, and homemade chips for $4.95. They’ve got a bunch of creative stuff, and the most expensive thing on the menu is $7.95. They’ve also got an apple pie milkshake (the milkshakes/ice cream are the only items that aren’t a good value at $4.50) that is out of this world.

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