Faith of the Fallen – Sword of Truth Series

Terry Goodkind - Faith of the Fallen

Well, its another week and I’ve got yet another video for you. This time around I’ve managed to read the next book in line, in the Sword of Truth Series by Terry Goodkind. Book six is entitled Faith of the Fallen. This book was in the neighborhood of about eight-hundred pages and was the last of the second box set.

Faith of the Fallen starts off shortly after Soul of the Fire ends and immediately jumps into why the previous book ended the way it did. Being a little disappointed in the ending of the last book, I was eager to see why the author choose such a path for the main characters.

Before long my outlook changed on the previous book and I was engrossed in the new story. Suddenly, the characters become ripped apart and the book goes on to leap from one part of the world to another. With each jump, we learn a little more of how the stories will later become intertwined.

The separation of the characters came off as forced, which wasn’t overly pleasing. It seems that the core characters are always off dealing with different things and it lacks a sense of togetherness. Even though I wasn’t overjoyed by this separation, it played out wonderfully and had me clinching my book, not wanting to put it down.

By the time the book had come to a close, I appreciated the previous book far more. I felt as though I couldn’t totally understand the previous book until Faith of the Fallen was given a chance to unfold and make Richard’s choice completely clear, especially since his choice was so far out of character for him.

In this video I told more of the story than I had before, simply because I feel that the other videos lacked alot of detail and were simply too vague. I don’t feel as though I spoiled anything for you, so don’t be too concerned about learning anything that would ruin the television show, or books, for you.


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  1. The Wheel of Time –

    another one that is 11 volumes right now, with at least 3 more to come šŸ™‚ I have not read any of them in a LONG time, but being by Robert Jordan, I believe it might be something you would be interested in trying.

    You know, the best thing about these book reviews isnt the reviews, it is seeing how excited you are about the books themselves! In this age of everything computerized it is really cool to see someone get excited about a book!

    Now if the Kindle would be $50 and e-books would be around $2 each, then the digital age would win, but for now, the printed texts are the big winners.


    cant wait to hear about the rest! Also cant wait for Season 2 of Legend of the Seeker to see how many books they pull stuff from, or if they go on their own path.

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