First Impressions: AVO LE 09 Compenero

This week I take a first time look at the new AVO Limited Edition 2009 (LE 09) Compenero. This cigar was a gift from my local tobacconist. Once day while hanging out in the shop, UPS dropped off a package that contained several boxes of cigars. As he unpacked those boxes we were talking about various things.

When he came to the box of AVO LE 09, he made mention that he was getting them in and I should check them out. He opened the cellophane on the box and handed me a single, only asking that I smoke it and tell him what I thought of it in return.

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What did you think of the
AVO LE 09 Compenero?


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4 thoughts on “First Impressions: AVO LE 09 Compenero

  1. $16 – cringe!!!

    Seems like it is a LONG smoke though since yours was around 2.5 hours I believe you said, but $16..yeesh

    Might be an interesting smoke to try on a special occasion, but just a bit too high priced for anything else.

    Cant wait to see if you get more and what you think!


  2. I love watching these First Impression videos while kicking back with a cigar. They tend to be a bit longer than the reviews on SR which is great.

    I’ve never tried anything by AVO, and at $16 a stick it is unlikely I will start with this one. Nice review though.

  3. I had the same experience you did minus the draw. The draw was perfect for me, no too loose. The burn was inconsistent and the ash was as well. I liked the flavor profile but won’t pay $16 for this again. I have smoked at least 15 LE 05’s, AVO 80th’s, LE 07’s, and had a couple LE 08’s. The LE09 is my least favorite of all. I agree that the size is too large. The previous LE’s were more in my wheelhouse size wise. They all aged extraordinarily well, the LE 07 was awesome after aging for 1+ year.


  4. I went to a shop close to my house, which i think he miss priced them because he was selling them for $8 back in october so i picked up 4. to be honest the first one sucked. the second and third were good i have the last one aging. i will say the avo le 10 is much better

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