First Impressions: CAO LX2

With the hopes of bolstering the video content here on Walt in, I’ve decided to experiment with a series of videos which will be entitled First Impressions. As the name suggests, I’ll be recording my first impressions of a particular cigar.

You should know that I am a big advocate of not judging a cigar based on a single sample. I feel that three cigars are necessary to formulate an honest opinion. With that in mind, please be aware that these videos will act as a video diary, of sorts, for a series of cigars that will be reviewed in much more detail on Stogie ReviewOpens in a new tab..

For the first video in the series, I took a look at the CAO LX2. While this cigar has been available for some time now, my local shop recently received their supply. As a result, I’m a little late in getting to try the production LX2’s.


  • Excellent price point for level of hype across internet
  • Burned well from start to finish
  • Clean construction, appears well built
  • Evenly packed with tobacco, no soft/hard spots


  • Secondary band glued to wrapper
  • Flavor and Body seem slightly mismatched
  • Weak ash, wound up in my lap when less than 3/4″ long
  • Draw was borderline too loose


I think that this was a solid cigar in all. There was a high level of body to go along with the flavor, but I would have liked to see the flavor pop a little more. The body and flavor seemed a little mismatched in this particular sample.

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What did you think of the CAO LX2


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