First Impressions: Casa Fuego by J. Fuego Cigars

Casa Fuego by Jesus Fuego

Up on the chopping block for the most recent First Impressions video is a cigar that I acquired at Cigarfest 2009. The day before the big event, JerryOpens in a new tab. and I managed to get behind the curtain and see the expo center floor while manufacturers were setting up.

As we were standing there talking with Sam LecciaOpens in a new tab., I noted that Jesus Fuego had a booth setup across from him. I was kind of surprised to see a boutique guy at Cigarfest and was very curious as to what he would be giving away to the masses the following day.

My curiosity was satisfied the following day as Jerry and I spoke with Jesus and were handed a Casa Fuego. Several weeks later, here I am lighting it up for the very first time to see how it compares to his premium lines.

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What are your thoughts on a relatively
small manufacturer producing a cigar
for a large retailer such as Cigars International?


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6 thoughts on “First Impressions: Casa Fuego by J. Fuego Cigars

  1. Great video Walt, go ahead make the coffee the way you like, I’m sure you have a comfy couch to sleep on.


  2. Nice review. I am still laughing about the triple powered coffee to explode her My wife started laughing cause she was in the kitchen while i was watching this and said “He is going to be in the doghouse soon” LOL


  3. I smoked one of these after Cigar Fest after I saw Don Pepin smoking one. I have to say I wasn’t impressed. Overly harsh. I have a couple more. Hopefully with age they’ll get better. It’s the first cigar from Jesus Fuego I haven’t enjoyed.

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