First Impressions: Davidoff Millennium Lancero

After breaking the Davidoff cycle with a Don Pepin Garcia Serie JJ, I thought I would jump right back on the horse and burn through one of my three remaining Davidoff samples. This time I touched flame to a Davidoff Millennium in a Lancero format.

The Positive:

  • Excellent draw
  • Good smoke volume
  • Beautiful construction
  • Smooth and easy-going cigar

The Negative:

  • Alot of money for a lancero at $17.00
  • Flavor a little too consistent for my liking

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What did you think of the
Davidoff Millennium Lancero?


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3 thoughts on “First Impressions: Davidoff Millennium Lancero

  1. Another nice, honest review! THANX!

    i think $17 is a bit much for almost any cigar and I dont see why people would pay that amount of money, especially after watching this review.

    Now the tar – I have had quite a few cigars that did this! Worst was the MonteCristo White Label I smoked, which totally turned be away from any of their products, thats how bad it was! I also just smoke the CAO Vision I got in the Champions set and it also gave me tar! I was PISSED that a cigar that they charge that much for would do something like that, especially when it ruins the cigar taste after you get that nasty stuff in your mouth/lips!

    Only thing i have found that actually does get rid of it, is to clip a bit off the end – just a little bit will normally do it. I can not remember where i read that online or sa it in a video, but it actually works!


  2. nice review Walt. sounds like a good stick but the 17 dollar price tag is a little steep for my liking. tar on a 17 dollar stick would have really rubbed me the wrong way whether its the manufacturers fault or not.

  3. Walt thanks for the review.
    The tar issue is strange. I had a tar issue with a Torano Noventa cigar. Never had a problem since until, I started using a V-cutter in the past month and I had tar issues on just about every cigar I used it on. These are cigars I never had that happen to, and I did not have a problem with tar when using my double blade guillotine cutter.

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