First Impressions: Primera de Honduras

Primera de Honduras by Casa Gomez Cigars

As per the request of Johnny, this week I decided to take a quick detour from my tour of Davidoff of GenevaOpens in a new tab. products and take a look at something less expensive. The cigar this week is the Primera de Honduras and is a product of Benny Gomez Jr. I was introduced to Benny at the Casa GomezOpens in a new tab. booth at IPCPR in Las VegasOpens in a new tab. this past July.

While this isn’t exactly what Johnny was looking for, it was one of the first sticks that I a came across from my IPCPR haul and decided to fire it up.

The Positive:

  • Very interesting red pepper like heat
  • Solid burning characteristics
  • Comfortable price point at around $3.00 per single

The Negative:

  • Too much of a good thing in regards to a red pepper heat
  • Levels of flavor and body seemed a little mismatched
  • Unable to capture my attention

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