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Wine and Cigars - 1

Have you ever tried to pick up a new hobby only to be intimidated by it? Chances are very good that you have experienced this before, just like I have. When I first got into cigars, I found it very difficult to jump right in. I found that there was a tremendous number of things I needed to know; like how to store my cigars, how to cut, how to light, how to actually smoke them, the list goes on and on.

The best way I found to get over this hurdle was to jump right in and ask for help. Because I knew few people personally that smoked cigars, I sought information online. Before long I was learning about cigars in leaps and bounds.

I started the cycle all over again just recently. I’ve never been much of a wine drinker, but I thought I would give it a try. Unlike with the cigars, before hitting the store I asked for help online. My avenue of information this time around was twitterOpens in a new tab..

In a matter of minutes I had a shopping list of about ten different wines and was off shopping. Armed with a list of things to try, I walked into the store and couldn’t help but be intimidated by the huge selection. I walked up and down the isles for about fifteen minutes before realizing that I was never going to be able to find the wines I had on my list.

Asking for help was not an option. The store was mobbed with people and the cash registers were manned by all of the staff on duty. I folded up my list, put it in my pocket and tried to find a couple of bottles that I “may” have heard of in the past.

When my shopping trip was complete, I jumped back on twitter to tell my story and asked for suggestions on what type of wine to try first. It was suggested that I kick off the night with the Yellowtail Shiraz. My next task was to select a cigar to pair with it. I gave it some thought and decided to go with a Joya de Nicaragua CelebracionOpens in a new tab..

The experience was a positive one. The spiciness of the cigar played well with the savory flavor of the wine. With one cigar and wine pairing under my belt, I can only hope my other choices will go as smoothly as my first.

What easily attainable wine would you suggest
to someone new to the hobby, such as myself?


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