Five Finger Death Punch

Five Finger Death Punch (5FDP) Album Cover

A few days ago I was checking out my tweets from earlier in the day and noticed some discussion on music between two people that I follow. MikeOpens in a new tab. and HaywardOpens in a new tab. were were talking music and somewhere along the lines a mention of the band 5 Finger Death PunchOpens in a new tab. was made.

At one point in time I was very into metal. I attended three OzzfestsOpens in a new tab. and numerous local shows which kept me fairly open to new bands. Somewhere along the lines I missed an Ozzfest show and slowly fell out of the loop as far as new music is concerned.

Without being up to date on the new music coming out, I stuck to what I knew from the past several years. On a whim I decided to look up the band and see what I have been missing as of late. After hearing a couple of songs via Youtube, I was compelled to pick up the album.

Its been a couple of days since getting a hold of the album and I’ve listened to it numerous times already. The music is crisp and flows very well from song to song. I’m not sure what I find more appealing, the instruments or the vocals. All in all I think that the total package is very catchy.

Since being sucked into this album, I’ve spoken to Mike a little via twitter and I have a whole list of new bands to check out. I’m looking forward to getting back into Metal, the same old stuff has been great over the past couple of years but was beginning to get stuffy.

Five Finger Death Punch – The Way Of The Fist

What was the last album to impress you?


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3 thoughts on “Five Finger Death Punch

  1. Aww, I didn’t know you cared! lol I absolutely love this album bro. Mike knows his stuff when it comes to metal. If you ever need more suggestions (and he’s dry), hit me up on teh Twitter!

  2. The last metal album that impressed me from the get go was probably ‘This Godless Endeavor’ by Nevermore.

    I’m right there with you regarding 5FDP, they are one of my favorites (along with Ghost Machine and Motograter- same lead singer).

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