Friday Night Indoor 3D at Reading Archery Club

Yesterday, I was attempting to stave off boredom on Facebook when a status update caught my eye. The update came from the Reading Archery Club Facebook PageOpens in a new tab. and was promoting a series of Indoor 3D Archery Shoots.

I was well aware of the 2014 Curt Peterson Southeast PA Indoor 3D Shootout dates but what I didn’t know was that the club also plans on putting on Friday Night Indoor 3D Shoots. I inquired about those shoots, hoping to come away with a little more information.

I received a fast reply and am happy to report that the Friday Night Shoots are open to the public. The course will consist of 32 Shots, just like the league. The big difference is that yardage will not be posted and the range will not be filled out with props.

Even without the props, I’m confident that the club will put on a fun and challenging shoot. I’m a poor judge of yardage so this will be a good opportunity for me to practice. Another perk is that the cost is lower, $10 as opposed to $13 for league shoots.

Normally, these types of weekday shoots don’t work out with my schedule. This one, however, is very appealing. I’m not sure how many I’ll be able to attend but I’d really like to get out to the club this coming Friday.

If I can make it out to this weeks Friday Night Indoor 3D Shoot
would anyone like to meet up and shoot together?

Reading Archery Club - Friday Night 3D Schedule - 1


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  1. This Friday is out for obvious reasons but we’d love to make a few of these events. I support good people, like those at Reading Archery. Maybe the 24th before going to “The Philly Sportsman show” or 31st as a warm-up for “The Great American Sportsman Show” in Harrisburg.

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