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A couple of years ago, I ordered some take out over the phone from a pizza shop that was close bye. I drove over to this little strip mall and noticed a book store that I hadn’t previously, named Gently Used BooksOpens in a new tab.. At this particular time, I don’t recall the store being open and I made a mental note to visit during their normal business hours.

Since I noticed the store, I had been meaning to stop in and look around. For one reason or another, it always slipped my mind and I never got around it, until just a couple of months ago. It would seem that the business was doing well, because when I finally was able to visit, it was after the store moved to a larger location.

A few months back, I was on my way to visit my parents and had to stop in to a store in a popular shopping center. This shopping center recently underwent some development and saw the addition of a few new stores and the expansion of another.

Some of the businesses within the shopping center took the opportunity to move their stores into one of the more modern and larger spaces available. This left their old locations open for stores like Gently Used Books.

As I was passing through the shopping center, I noticed Gently Used Books in its new location. Just like before, I told myself that I needed to make a point to stop in and take a look around. Just like the last time, when I noticed the store it was outside of their normal business hours.

This time I didn’t let the thought slip my mind and made a point to set aside time to visit. The following week I did just that and took a look around. What I found was just what you would expect when the name Gently Used Books enters your mind. The store was filled with used books that appeared to be in great shape.

Among the shelves of books were many customers quietly picking through the selection or reading through a potential purchase. For such a small store, business appeared to be booming. I made my way over to the small fantasy section and began looking around.

At this point I was just about finished with The Sword of Truth Series and was simply looking curiously at what was on the shelves. As I scanned the shelves, I found one book that was familiar to me and immediately picked it up for purchase.

I poked around for several more minutes before making my way to the cash register. The employee I dealt with was very nice and before long I was on my way back to my car. In that brief afternoon visit I was able to save a couple of dollars by purchasing a gently used copy of A Game of Thrones by George R. R. Martin and also supported local business.

Have you ever made a purchase
from a used book store?


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3 thoughts on “Gently Used Books – Douglassville, PA

  1. Nope, never purchased used yet. I always wait for books to go into the bargain bins and buy them so I can get the hardcovers at a decent price. I have missed out on a few books doing this though, but the used book stores were selling the hardcovers for more than the bargain bin prices, so with me being a cheap ass, I never bothered visiting a used book store again.


  2. I love used book stores- if you can find a good one. There is/was one close to my home, but the selection was not very good. There’s a great one in Traverse City, MI (Up North) That I make a point to stop at whenever I am in the area on vacation. My wife and I both love it, and usually walk away with about 10-15 books for no more than $20-30.

  3. I don’t like to buy used books, but Gently Used Books is in a niche of its own. The books on their shelves are in really good shape – a far cry from what I’ve seen in many used book stores. My late husband and I were avid readers – to the tune of over 2000 books. I was looking for a home or someplace where others could purchase books in great condition at a reduced price to enjoy reading for themselves, family or friends. Since we made many purchases at the Douglassville location, I made an inquiry If they would take a huge collection of books. Anything missing a cover, missing pages, torn or in otherwise not so gentle condition were added to recycling. The remaining books were donated to Gently Used Books – hard cover and paperback, some from my mother-in-law’s generation but mostly from my husband and me. Authors such as James Patterson, Stephen King, Dean Koontz, Tom Clancy, Clive Cussler, Stephen Coonts, Lisa Gardner, Alex Kava, John Sandford, Tami Hoag to name a few. Genre from Fantasy, Fiction, Horror, Science Fiction, Novel – you name it, they were donated. The location in Limerick Sq Shopping Ctr, Royersford PA opened now long after. I’ve been back to the Douglassville location many times since to purchase books for my grandchildren. Little Nicky’s is a few doors down, serves excellent food and is always the finishing touch after a book purchase.

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