Getting Kids Active During Community Field Day at Hickory Park

Community Field Day - 2015

On Episode 12 of the Slimming Down Dad Podcast I talked a little bit about my wife and I going to visit CustomFit TrainingOpens in a new tab. – a new Fitness Studio in Gilbertsville. After we finished touring the facility and getting information on ClassesOpens in a new tab. and Personal TrainingOpens in a new tab., the owner mentioned a community event that he was going to be attending that weekendOpens in a new tab..

The event was a Community Field Day at Hickory Park and was being hosted by the local wellness council. It was basically a few hours filled with activities for kids. These weren’t the usual kid activities such as face painting and carnival games, these were all about getting the kids up and moving.

It sounded like a great time so my wife and I took our daughter to the event on Saturday Morning. She has placed on Team 1 and kicked off the day playing soccer with about 5 other kids. From there they moved on to another station where CustomFit Training hosted a fitness demo.

The kids stayed at each station for fifteen to twenty minutes and seemed to have a great time laughing and carrying on. Other activities included Basketball, Tae Kwon Do, Long Jump, Yoga, and a Bounce House.

Before the event wrapped up and the kids were sent on their way, they were treated to a small Rita’s Italian Ice. The event was completely free and I was thrilled to see so many small businesses turning out to provide activities and instruction for the kids.

The odd thing in all of this is that I’ve spent so much time avoiding events like this that I had no idea how much fun they could be. I mean, I just stood around talking and watching our daughter but seeing her have a good time made the trip worth it. I hope to visit a few more of these types of events before winter sets in.

Bobby from CustomFit Training High-Fives my Daughter after a Workout at the 2015 Community Field Day
Bobby from CustomFit Training High-Fives my Daughter after a Workout at the 2015 Community Field Day


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