Glock Magazines for $10 – I’ll take them all

Glock Magazines - Used - 1

On Saturday, I found myself sitting in front of the television in a state of absolute boredom. I spent much of the morning doing yard-work, my wife and daughter were spending time with my father in-law, and now I needed to find something to occupy myself.

I glanced at the clock and saw that I had about an hour and fifteen minutes before my preferred gun shop, The Handgunner, closed for the day. I decided that it had been too long since I paid them a visit and could always use another magazine for my Glock 17.

I pulled myself off of the couch, grabbed my car keys, and was pulling into the parking lot about thirty minutes later. I made my way inside and began looking around (the Smith & Wesson M&P Shield was calling my name, even if I said I would pass).

As the customers thinned out, I got to talking to one of the guys behind the counter. I glanced up at the clock and realized that closing time was just a few minutes away, so I asked for a 9mm Glock Magazine with 17 round capacity (Does anyone actually buy the 10 round magazines here in PA?). From past experience, I knew that new Glock brand magazines cost $25 in this shop. I try to pick one up whenever I have a few dollars burning a hole in my pocket.

There were no new magazines in stock, but he had something even better in his hand. “I’ve got a used one for $10. Glock mags don’t usually go bad but if it doesn’t work just bring it back”. I picked the magazine up off of the counter and looked it over. It was well used but it was an actual Glock magazine, not a knock off (I’ve heard mixed results regarding copies).

My plan for the magazine was USPSA Shooting, so it would be dropped in mud, dirt, gravel, and grass. Chances were good that while dropped in those various surfaces, they would probably get stepped on once or twice. And besides, what did I have to lose, if it didn’t work I’d just bring it back.

With my mind made up, I asked if they had any more. After a few seconds, a total of four magazines were laying on the counter in front of me. Handing over my credit card, I said “I’ll take em’ all“.

I’ll have to hit the range and run plenty of rounds through them before I use them in a USPSA match, but for the money I think they were a good buy. Three magazines looked like they were fairly old and didn’t have the button on the base plate for disassembly (I’ll have to read up on breaking them down) and one was identical to the magazines I received with my Gen 3 G17.

If I run into some trouble, and I feel so inclined, it looks like I can get Glock OEM Replacement Springs for $5.60 at Lone Wolf Distributors. If they need more than that, we are getting too close to New Magazine pricing, and I’ll just return them.


Hi There, My name is Walt White and as the name of this blog suggests, I am a Pennsylvania resident. In addition to having numerous hobbies that I discuss on my blog - I’m also the father of three little girls and a pitbull.

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    1. Nick,
      Thanks for the heads up. I saw the link earlier in the day but you pushed me over the edge and I made the purchase. The Gift Certificate didn’t last long and I already cashed it in. I picked up a 3rd Blade-Tec Magazine Pouch and a Glock Specific Magazine Brush (It has a punch on the handle to remove the base plate).

      I wound up with $48 and change in product (shipping included) for about $28.

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