A Great Birthday Topped with Shoes and Underwear

Nike Romaleos

A few days ago I celebrated my 34th Birthday. Generally speaking, I’ve seen my birthday as just another day for quite some time now. I don’t normally do anything special to celebrate. I get up, I go to work, I come home and try to enjoy a little time with my family. That is exactly what I wanted to do this year.

Hearing this, my wife expanded on my plans and made the night rather pleasant. I walked through the door after work and was greeted by my excited 6 year old pulling me to the dining room table. A couple of gifts sat there waiting for me and before I could do anything else, she wanted me to open them.

The first gift was a book that my daughter put together outlining how good a Dad I was. I’m always encouraging her to write (she’ll be starting 1st Grade next month) and it was nice to see her put so much time and effort into something for me. We sat there together as she read the book to me.

Next was a package of Champion Boxer Briefs with cooling technology. When I tore off the wrapping paper she excitedly told me that she got them for me so that I wouldn’t be so hot at the gym. I couldn’t help but smile at the very practical gift (what guy can’t use more underwear?). Later on that night my wife explained the story of how our daughter spotted them in Costco and explained that they would make for a really good birthday gift.

The last package waiting for me was from my wife. I tore off the wrapping paper and spotted the iconic Nike shoe box. I was floored when I opened the box and saw a pair of Nike Romaleos inside. I’ve been wanting a pair of weight lifting shoes for quite a while now but couldn’t bring myself to hand over the money for a good pair.

In my eyes the best birthday gifts are things that you want but couldn’t / wouldn’t buy for yourself. A rather expensive pair of specialty shoes perfectly fits that description for me. I tried them on, found them to fit me extremely well, and couldn’t help but do a few air squats in our living room.

I’ll get the chance to try them out on Monday during my next squat session. I’ve been squatting in running shoes (I know – horrible idea but until now I didn’t really have anything better) and am excited to see how my new shoes affect the movement.

Once the gift were opened, my wife served dinner. She made a tortellini dish with ham and spinach that I enjoy (it is one of my favorite meals that she cooks). Dessert was angel food cake topped with fresh fruit and whipped cream.

I spent the last couple of hours before bed relaxing on the couch watching Netflix with my family. With so much going on these days, between work and a new baby, it was nice to just chill out and not do much of anything.


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