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Gun Rights Radio Network Logo A few weeks ago I wrote a post suggesting five Gun Podcasts for gun hobbyists to enjoy. In that post I made mention that many of those shows were a part of the Gun Rights Radio NetworkOpens in a new tab.. Since discovering the network, the vast majority of my podcast listening has been centered around shows that are a part of the network.

The Gun Rights Radio Network is made up of of eighteen gun related podcasts and one additional show that appears on the network home page. There is simply so much content that I have barely scratched the surface and actively listen to five of the nineteen shows.

The nice thing about the network is that there is a show for everyone. For instance, I’m not into listening to anything that is heavy into politics. Take away the shows with an emphasis on politics and there is still plenty of content for me to enjoy. If politics are your thing, there are several shows that would suit you well. The same goes for a shows that sound scripted and well produced versus shows that are laid back and go with the flow.

If the variety of podcasts on the network aren’t enough for you, there is also the Gun Rights Radio Network ForumOpens in a new tab. that listeners may take advantage of. By registering, for free, you get rid of a pesky guest page view limit and are given a place to discuss a variety of topics with the podcast producers and listeners.

If you are a lover of guns, which I would image you are given that you’ve read this far, I would suggest that you check out the Gun Rights Radio NetworkOpens in a new tab. and all that it has to offer.

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