Hamburg Game Association: May 2014 3D Archery Shoot

Hamburg Game Association - 3D Archery - May 2014 - 4

Over the weekend, Hamburg Game Association hosted their monthly Outdoor 3D Archery Shoot. In addition, they were running an ‘All You Can Eat Pancake Breakfast’. Since my wife was busy with school (weekend clinical classes at the local hospital), my daughter and I hopped in the car to partake in a little breakfast and shooting.

The day started off a bit cool with the ground being wet from an overnight storm. By the time we finished breakfast, the sun was drying out the ground and the weather was absolutely beautiful. My daughter and I spent about an hour and a half walking through the woods and had a good time.

My daughter, being as young as she is, started off strong. She was excited to shoot her bow but as we got further into the course, she was less and less excited. After about six targets she became very selective (only wanting to shoot deer). By target fifteen, she didn’t want to shoot anymore and preferred to entertain herself while I shot.

When she gets a little older, and a little stronger, her arrows will bounce out of the targets less and I think the sport will hold her interest better. After we came out of the woods, she spent the next hour or two playing with Zena (thats all she talked about during the ride home).

On a side note, the clubs new R&W Targets look very realistic in the woods. The foam is very dense and I was concerned that it would be difficult to pull my arrows. As it turns out, pulling arrows wasn’t too bad.

My favorite shot was an Elk at 51 Yards. A few people ahead of us (there was a small back-up towards the end of the course) opted to shoot from a closer distance. I was happy to take the shot from the long distance pin and let my arrow fly. I wound up with a 10 on that shot and hope to see something similar in future shoots.

Hamburg Game Association - 3D Archery - May 2014 - 5


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