Hamburg Game Association On Schedule For 3D Archery In March

The weather these last few weeks has been rough, to say the least. Between a nasty ice storm and relentless snow, I wasn’t sure if the March 9th 3D Archery Shoot at Hamburg Game Association stood stood a chance. Despite my concerns of a course in dire need of cleanup, it looks like things aren’t as bad as I thought.

Troy Ross, President at Hamburg Game Association, sent out a flyer promoting the March 3D Archery Shoot. I’ve attached the flyer below and ask that you help spread the word. The club has outfitted itself with new targets and I’d love to see more people on the range to take advantage of them.

From Troy Ross:
March flyer attached for Sunday shoot, please make copies and post at your local shops. New video review of course each month. Find it on Hamburg Game Facebook pageOpens in a new tab.. New things around the corner at the club starting as soon as this snow melts.

Hamburg Game Association - 3D Archery - March 2014 Flyer


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  1. Thanks for helping to spread the word. I think we all needed something to look forward to that did not include snow.

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