Harley Carnes on Gun Control

Harley Carnes Commentary

Earlier this week I was killing time, scanning through Facebook updates, when a cigar smoking friend of mine from Michigan grabbed my attention. I can’t recall this individual ever making a political statement on Facebook before, none the less one about guns, but there was his very first one, right before my eyes.

The Status Update was a link to commentary by CBS Radio Host, Harley Carnes. I wasn’t familiar with Mr. Carnes, or his program, but I saved the link for future listening. Positive commentary on guns isn’t all that common these days, especially as of late, so I had to set aside some time to check it out.

The clip wasn’t very long (two or three minutes) but the message was both positive and thought provoking. If you have a couple of minutes to spare, I would strongly suggest you click through and give it a listen.

Unfortunately, there isn’t easy way for me to embed the commentary here on Walt In PA. While I could use a plugin and hotlink the audio file, or download the file and re-upload to my own server, that would leave me feeling a little dirty. As a result, You’ll have to click the link below.

Harley Carnes Commentary – 1/10/2013

Direct Link for iOS Users: Harley Carnes Commentary – 1/10/2013


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