Over the past few months my life has been especially hectic. Between my wife’s school schedule and my work schedule, I haven’t had a whole lot of time to myself. It seems like if I’m not working, I’m taking care of children – sometimes I even do both at the same time.

Pistol shooting has been a complete bust this season. Archery, on the other hand, has been something I’ve been able to do when random bits of free time present themselves.

Making short semi-regular trips to the archery club has allowed me to become a more active member. It has also allowed me to discover that I enjoy Field and Indoor Target Archery every bit as much as I do 3D Archery.

Being one of the few members to regularly use the Outdoor Field Course at Stowe Archers, I got to talking to another member about running a Fall Field Tournament of some sort.

I took to the Stowe Archers website and posted a sign-up form gauging interest. I was hopeful that it would stir up a few interested shooters but it was a complete bust. Myself and two others put our names on the list.

Last week, right before the Monday Night Youth Group started, I had a very brief conversation with another member. He suggested that perhaps we try something a little different and hold a Coon Shoot.

On the outside I was politely smiling and nodding, on the inside I thinking that this guy was out of his mind.

NFAA Raccoon Archery Target

“We setup a raccoon target on all 14 bunks and shoot at night”

“We shoot at night?”

“Yeah, guys bring their own lanterns and flashlights. It would be a maximum of 30 yards for each shot”

When our very short conversation concluded, I was at a loss for words. I mean, think about it. You would have a bunch of guys walking through the woods, in the dark, slinging arrows at 300 feet per second. The course is laid out well at Stowe but I have to imagine that the likelihood of someone getting stuck with an arrow is greater in the dark than it is in the daylight?

By the time I convinced myself that the idea was borderline batshit crazy, I put it out of my mind and wondered how I could kick up interest for a Fall Field Tournament that lacked enough interest to get it off the ground.

As this week has gone by, a funny thing has happened. The concept of the Coon Shoot has popped into my mind at odd times. Oddly enough, each time it came up, it won me over a little more. I’ve gone from thinking that it was a bad idea to actually wanting to see it happen.

We have a general membership meeting at Stowe Archers today and I think I’m going bring it up when asked about new business. I’ve never done a Coon Shoot nor have I heard of anyone else in the area holding one. Perhaps it is something different enough to spark some interest and get people out on our Field Course.