How do you like your movies to end?

Bridge to Terabithia DVD CoverA couple of weeks ago I was over a friends house having a cigar in his office. After about an hour of solving all of the worlds problems, the topic changed to movies. We got to talking about movies with happy endings and how neither one of us really liked the ones where things ended on a sad, or bad, note.

This lead to my friend telling me about a movie he took his two kids to see a couple of years ago. This movie was entitled Bridge to Terabithia. From here he begins to tell me a story about a little girl that has an incredible imagination and befriends a little boy that learns to expand his mind.

After hearing this interesting story, he goes on to tell me that suddenly, this imaginative young girl drowns to death in a creek. Not only was the ending a bummer for him, his kids were a little confused and saddened by the death of this young girl.

After our movie discussion, we went back to solving the worlds problems over the remainder of our cigars, after which I headed home. Several weeks later I see an advertisement for Bridge to Terabithia on television. Having a fondness for this genre, I decided to give it a watch and see the story for myself. Sure enough, the depressing twist came towards the end of the film and it sucked all of my enjoyment right out of the movie.

While unhappy endings aren’t the norm and do a great job of setting the film apart from the rest, I find that I like the cheesy endings where the guy gets the girl in the end, or the hero prevails and the villain winds up in the slammer.

How do you like your
movies to end?


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