How many chances do you give a retailer

I recently had an unpleasant experience with a retailer. I purchased a product which cost a few hundred dollars. Upon receiving it, I found the product to be faulty. I immediately sent an email to customer service and asked how to resolve the situation. After several days of waiting for an answer, I called their toll free number for assistance.

After speaking with the customer service representative I was told that I should expect an email with further instructions. The solution I proposed had to be run past a supervisor, so I could not get an immediate response. After waiting one full week, I contacted the manufacturer of my product with my dilemma.

Within 24 hours I received an apology and was ensured that a replacement part was being shipped to me. My interactions with both the retailer (my phone conversation) and manufacturer were pleasant, but the retailer came up short. Before buying I researched this retailer and found that they had hundreds of satisfied customers and came highly recommended.

The full story, with detail, will come at a later date. For now I’d like to know if you would give this retailer a second chance based on their reputation, or would you never look back?

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