I Have Become A Hermit Blogger

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About once a month I take some time and go over my blog statistics. To be honest, it only takes a couple of minutes to look over a handful of Google Analytics Pages (The process would take longer if I had a better grasp of the more powerful reporting features). When I compare a date range from this year to the same date range last year, a smile spreads across my face. I think to myself ‘I’m kicking ass against last years stats!’

On the surface everything looks great. Unfortunately, when I take a closer look, I come to a shocking realization that my visits are sporadic. I think this is the case for two reasons. First is that my once anal habit of posting on a set day and time have disappeared. Second is that I have become a hermit blogger.

Before I got more involved in the hobby of guns, I was very much into creative writing. I spent my free time bouncing around from blog to blog reading short stories and flash fiction, I even did a fair bit or writing myself. After reading a piece of writing, I made a point to leave a comment.

These comments brought people back to my blog, some of whom read my material and commented. My stats were low but I was thrilled with the regular activity. When my daughter stopped sleeping the bulk of the day away, I spent less time writing and my creative writing muscles turned to flab. I got discouraged when I tried to write during those odd moments when I had some free time. My writing wasn’t what it used to be and the connection I made with other bloggers began to fade.

My focus has since shifted to Firearms. While I miss writing, I’ve found that I’m more passionate about guns and shooting. I try to make time each day to read a couple of blogs posts. During my short commute to work, I listen to a handful of podcasts on the subject.

Even though I’m digesting a lot of information, I’m lacking the connection with other bloggers I’ve had in the past. I think this has a lot to do with my personality type and that I tend to not comment unless I have something to add (I don’t like commenting for the sake of commenting). I’ve decided that I need to make an adjustment to the frequency in which I leave comments.

I’m setting a small goal for myself. Throughout the month of March I want to comment on at least 5 blog posts and respond to at least one forum thread per week. It may not sound like much, but it is a tremendous increase over what I do currently.

While an increase in activity would be an awesome byproduct, this isn’t about increasing my stats. It is about getting back out there and making connections among the blogging community.


Hi There, My name is Walt White and as the name of this blog suggests, I am a Pennsylvania resident. In addition to having numerous hobbies that I discuss on my blog - Iā€™m also the father of three little girls and a pitbull.

7 thoughts on “I Have Become A Hermit Blogger

  1. Sometimes it’s hard to get out there and connect. It’s far too easy to read everything in my feed-reader and then…
    Right. It’s not a conversation if I let it stop there, but it is an easy trap to fall into. Good luck re-connecting.

    1. Jennifer,
      Google Reader is incredibly convenient but you are right, it is very easy to read something and not click trough to leave a comment. I have a bad habit of starring items to comment on later, then forgetting about them.

      Thanks for the comment. Keep up the great work on your blog (another one that I read often and rare comment on)

  2. Having the time to engage other readers is tough when you’re busy. You’re a good writer and create solid original content. Keep up the good work man!

    1. Mike,
      It has been a while, how have you been? You were looking at picking up a Springfield XDM a while back, how did that work out for you?

      Thanks for the comment and the kind words.

  3. I did get an XDM 3.8 9mm (Love it!) I also just ordered a Ruger 22/.45, fun to plink with. I run the website for a local gun shop and we’re actually launching our own podcast soon (audio only).

    If I had more time to spend at the range, I’d own a bigger arsenal šŸ™‚

    1. Thats great. A Ruger .22 (MK III) is one of the guns on my ever growing list of “Guns I want but can’t afford right now”.

      I’ve seen the Facebook updates about the Gun Shop. I’ll definitely check out the podcast when it launches. Shoot me a note to remind me.

  4. I only started reading through some things last nite. I will also make it a point to throw you a comment. I struggle with leaving comments as well unless I truly have something to add. Remind me to show you some writngs from a former co-worker. I always said he missed his calling and should have been an author and not an engineer! There were times I got an email and read it 10 times as his style was captivating. Sadly, he is no longer with us so I treasure his work even more.

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