Intro to IDPA at Ontelaunee Rod and Gun Club

Intro to IDPA - IDPA at Ontelaunee

A while back I learned that a fellow cigar smokin’ friend of mine was interested in shooting competitively. At the time I was shooting USPSA and did my best to try to suck him into the sport. He was unsure about making the leap but seemed to be more interested in IDPA.

A long period of time went by and I was unable to talk him into attending a match. We talked about him coming out to watch, if that mad him more comfortable, but it never materialized. One day he shocked me when he Tweeted that he was planning on attending an Intro to IDPA Class held at Ontelaunee Rod and Gun ClubOpens in a new tab..

Being mildly interested in trying IDPA myself, I considered attending as well. Unfortunately, there was a conflict with a USPSA Match that I planned on shooting, so I had to pass. When I spoke to that friend again, he seemed thrilled with the class.

Since that time, I’ve talked to a handful of people that have attended the Into to IDPA Class at Ontelaunee Rod and Gun Club. Everyone seems to have enjoyed it and is quick to recommend the class to friends. While I have never attended the class personally, I have had the pleasure of shooting with Dave Bair, Match Director and Intro to IDPA Instructor at Ontelaunee.

During the Lower Providence IDPA Match earlier this month, Dave got to talking about his Intro to IDPA Class. It would seem that Dave is making a tweak that should now make the class a little more appealing. Starting in February, the classes will be held on the day before the monthly Ontelaunee IDPA Match.

The appeal here is that attendees will have the same class as before then have a couple of options open up for them. Since Ontelaunee does setup the day before, attendees can volunteer to help, giving them more insight to how the sport operates. After setup is complete, the staff shoots the match a day early. Intro to IDPA attendees may shoot the match with the staff.

From my perspective, this seems to be an excellent opportunity for those attending the class. Rather than taking a class then coming back later for their first match, they can do it all in one day. Since the staff day will have a much lower shooter turnout, it becomes the ideal time to ask any and all questions that come to mind throughout the day.

The best part of the Intro to IDPA class is that it is free. You’ll need to bring along a pistol, holster, and a couple of magazines but chances are if you are looking into IDPA you already have those items. For more information, please visit the Intro to IDPA Class HomepageOpens in a new tab..

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