KeySmart – Like a Swiss Army Knife for Keys


A few months ago, I was skimming through Facebook when I came across an EDC Photo (Every Day Carry – It’s typically a Gun Thing) from a friend. The part of the photo that caught my eye was the strange contraption that held his keys.

I started looking through the comments and it seemed as though others were as curious as I was – what is that thing you have your keys on? It turns out that the device was something called a KeySmart.

The premise is that this little gadget takes your keys off of a loose ring and places them into a holder that acts like a Swiss Army Knife – of sorts. Instead of your keys being loose and jingling on a typical ring, you pull out the key you need very much like you would pull out the blade of a pocket knife.

I was all set to buy one until I saw the price tag. More than $20.00 for a key ring seemed a little steep. Since I was on the fence anyway, I closed the browser tab and moved on.

Months went by and once again I found myself skimming through Facebook. The same friend posted a new photo and, just like last time, his keys were on a KeySmart. Just like the first time, I headed over to Amazon to take a look at getting myself oneOpens in a new tab..

I was still on the fence but this time I thought “What the hell – I’ll take a chance and buy one.”

When my KeySmart arrived, I didn’t waste any time getting it out of the package and see up. The process was pretty simple but that didn’t stop me from taking it apart and putting it back together three or four times – until I got it setup the way I wanted.

When assembled, the KeySmart feels remarkably heavy – much more so than I was expecting. The gadget doesn’t weigh much – I suppose it has more to do with the keys being densely packed together instead of being all willy-nilly on a ring.

I’m not entirely sold on the KeySmart yet but it has only been a couple of days. It takes a little getting used to – going from using two fingers to turn a key to feeling like you are turning a screwdriver to open your front door.

My KeySmart is setup for seven keys and an adapter to attach my vehicle key fob. I don’t know that I would want any more than that on it due to weight and size.

While I can’t say that the KeySmart is a life-changing gadget that I couldn’t live without – I can say that I don’t feel like I wasted my money.


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