Laughing to Yourself

Today while at work, my mind began to wander as I punched in commands into AutoCAD. For whatever reason, the line “I put on my robe and wizard hat” popped into my mind. As soon as the words played out in my head I got this big, stupid, full blown koolaid smile across my face.

As my face reddened, I found it difficult to contain myself. I slowly began to giggle while recalling the story that goes along with that line. At that very moment someone walked into the drafting department and saw me cracking up. The computer screen infront of me showed a series of cabinets I was working on, there was no sign of what had me cracking up.

With a confused look on their face and a slight smile, they walked past me and were on their way. This quiet little laughing fit came on me once or twice more throughout the afternoon. You are probably wondering what I thought was so funny.

Several years ago, when I was first getting into the internet, I was an AOL junkie. I would spend alot of time messing around online as well as playing around with very simple Visual Basic programming to make my own AOL “progs”.

In my AOL heyday, I remember getting an instant message from a friend of mine telling me to check out this website. On it were a couple of instant messenger logs from a prankster on unsuspecting people interested in having cyber-sex. I found it absolutely hysterical and still laugh at them today. At the time I was into things like Magic The Gathering (Think D&D) as well as movies based on fantasy and wizardry. When all of these interests were combined into an online prank, it created the perfect storm for my sense of humor.

So what was I laughing at?
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Ever have one of those moments were
you start laughing to yourself?


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  1. my coworkers are VERY used to walking past my office and seeing me in full blown hysterics…

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