IDPA Match Criteria: Liberty Match at Valley Forge Update

At the beginning of this month, I put together a post outlining my desire to participate in a Sanctioned IDPA MatchOpens in a new tab. that was coming to town. In that post, I outlined how difficult it was going to be for me to meet the match criteria and I was unsure if it was worth undertaking what seemed like a monumental task for such a short period of time.

The commenters on that post were very supportive and urged me to do everything I could to attend the match. I was pumped up and ready to get things underway. Before flying out to Orlando for the Annual IPCPR Trade Show, I fired off an email to the Match Director asking for his input on the situation.

I’m not sure what I wanted to achieve with the email outside of receiving a little reassurance that I would be able to meet the criteria and register in such a short period of time. While in Orlando I monitored my email and eagerly awaited the advice of the Match Director. Unfortunately, that email never came, not even after I returned home from Florida.

Through the rumor mill, I heard that I stirred up “quite the shit storm” with my Prop Damage post and I was beginning to wonder if I was no longer welcome. In fact, I got word that news of the post spilled over into the monthly USPSA Match at the same club (which I missed as a result of being out of town).

Not sure what was going on, I decided to put my attendance of the Liberty MatchOpens in a new tab. on the back burner. As my hopes of shooting my first major match faded, I received a surprise email from the Match Director. It wasn’t a response to my original email, but it was a reminder that there was an IDPA Match this weekend and that a Classifier Side Match would be available for anyone that needed it.

On a whim, I replied to that email with a question about joining IDPA at the match and shooting the classifier on the same day. I received a response within a few minutes and my desire to shoot the match swelled once again. At the suggestion of the Match Director, I joined IDPA online and would have my Match Fee waived (a perk of signing up at the hosting club). I would then be able to shoot the match and get the all important classifier out of the way.

My only concern at this point is making the minimum Marksman Classification (oddly enough, I’m kind of nervous about that, which never happens when I shoot USPSA). Even if I do achieve the classification, I need to have it reported to IDPA and applied to my membership number before the match fills up and/or the September 14 deadline rolls around.


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2 thoughts on “IDPA Match Criteria: Liberty Match at Valley Forge Update

  1. I mentioned this earlier but it bears repeating.

    1) don’t miss the head shots on stage 1
    2) remember stage 3 is a 25yd bullseye competition.
    3) as a USPSA shooter, remember to retain your mags.

    Do those 3 things and you’ll at least make sharpshooter.

  2. If the Match Director signs your Classification card, it is as good as if they sent the scores to HQ. So take your signed card with you.
    I hope the club is using the Beach Bunny software so they can do an automatic upload of the results to HQ and you shouldn’t have any problems. Wait till Monday and go check in your IDPA account.

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