I Like to Lie to my Daughter

I like to lie to my daughter…

I realize that you probably see that as a rather bold statement and probably think I’m a bit of an asshole at this point. I should probably clarify. My daughter is 6 years old and I like to tell her completely outlandish lies that go way over the top and make her question my sanity.

“Who ate the rest of the ice cream?”
Well, when I got up to use the potty last night I heard a noise. I came downstairs and there was the ice cream burglar with ice cream all over his face and an empty carton in his hand!

“Did the Easter Bunny come last night!”
He sure did, I can’t believe you didn’t wake up. Syrus chased him around the living room and knocked over the lamp… The story went on and on, getting more and more elaborate.

My daughter is a competitive kid and I enjoy getting into little arguments with her. She’ll tell me that she loves me and I’ll tell her that I love her more. This of course triggers a debate over which one of us loves the other more. It can get rather comical.

Since my daughter is learning to read, she likes to use my wife’s phone to send me random text messages. It is often “I love you Daddy” or something along those lines.

This morning I got one of those messages and responded with “I love you more”

Zordon Magic Love Power - 1

Shortly after this exchange I got a message from my wife that our daughter didn’t believe me and lost interest. Next time I’ll need to up my game and do a better job of drawing her in…


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