Lost Boys – The Tribe

Lost Boys - The Tribe - Uncut DVDAbout a month or so ago, my wife and I popped a movie into the DVD player and had plans on killing some time before calling it a night. I put the DVD in and hit play then walked into the kitchen to get us a couple of drinks. While reaching into the cabinet for a glass, I heard a very familiar song begin playing during the opening advertisements.

The song I heard was a remake of Cry Little Sister by Gerard McMahon. As soon as I heard it I knew there was some sort of advertisement playing for a new Lost Boys movie, so I dropped what I was doing and headed into the loving room to watch it.

At some point I was flipping through the channels one night and stopped on a reality show featuring Corey Feldman and Corey Haim. I remember there being some sort of argument over Corey Feldman being asked to play a part in the upcoming movie Lost Boys – The Tribe while Corey Haim was not.

Ever since seeing that brief part of the show, I was interested in seeing the upcoming movie but hadn’t heard anything about it since. It seems that the movie was low budget and went direct to DVD. After the trailer was over I made mention to my wife that I was going to order it from Amazon. She shook her head and I went on to tell her how I loved the original and just had to see the sequel.

After doing some painting on a table, I needed to kill some time while it dried. Having ordered the DVD some time ago and still not having removed it from its packaging, I grabbed it and loaded it into my laptop while I had a cigar.

The movie is based on a brother and sister getting into trouble with vampires. The brother, Chris, (played by Tad Hilgenbrinck) is a surfer that looses his temper and his sponsorship. With sister Nicole (played by Autumn Reeser) in tow, they move to Luna Bay where they rent a place from their aunt.

After going to a party one night, Nicole is tricked into drinking the blood of a head vampire named Shane (played by Angus Sutherland). Chris needs to save his sister and uses the help of Edgar Frog (played by Corey Feldman) to do so.

The movie has alot of gore with a few nude scenes sprinkled in to liven it up. When it was all done I was disappointed in the final product. The most appealing part of the movie was seeing Edgar Frog back in action, but he doesn’t make his appearance until about mid-way through.

I think this flick was okay in the sense that it allowed me to kill some time, but should not be watched if you are looking for a follow up to the cult classic Lost Boys. I think you will be left disappointed, as I was. Fortunately, when I ordered this movie I also ordered the original.

Were you a fan of the original
Lost Boys?


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