Lower Providence IDPA Match in Photos

Yesterday I was lounging in my living room, watching Star Trek: The Next Generation, when I was hit by the urge to organize the photos on my phone. I haven’t had this phone for terribly long but I’ve managed to rack up nearly 900 photos in my Camera Roll.

With the one and only Album being reserved for photos of my Daughter, I thought it was about time to organize the mess. I was a bit surprised to find so many shooting related photos. There were so many that it made sense to sort them into three categories, USPSA Photos, IDPA Photos, and Misc Gun Photos.

I used to snap two photos for each stage. One photo would show the written stage briefing and the other would show the stage as it was set up. These images came in handy when I was regularly posting stage breakdowns (I’m way behind but do plan to restart that trend) but they were kind of boring. A couple of months back I switched to taking action photos of a squad-mate running the stage.

These images have been much better but they have a tendency to just sit on my phone. That is, until today. I’m going to begin sharing them here on my blog. One of these days I may even take my Nikon D40 to the range (I carry too many electronics as it is and I’m trying to avoid adding another to my range bag) to come away with something more than a camera phone photo.


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