Lower Providence USPSA (October 2012)

Lower Providence USPSA - October 2012 - Stage 4
Jay from the Tantric Shooting TeamOpens in a new tab. Takes on the Classifier

Yesterday I climbed into my car and began the forty-five minute drive to Lower Providence Rod and Gun ClubOpens in a new tab. for their monthly USPSA Match. I’ve been out of the loop when it comes to this particular club due to summer family obligations and a hectic schedule. I didn’t know it at the time but I was driving out to the last match of the year for Lower Providence.

Since this was the last match of the year, the Match Director wanted to go out with a proverbial bang. Six courses of fire were setup, four of which were high round count field stages. I believe the largest stage had a round count in excess of forty.

After the abysmal match that I shot last month at Southern Chester, I had my concerns. Last month I struggled with accuracy and my movements were sloppy. In fact, I think that match was the worst one of my 2012 Season. I wanted to redeem myself but I didn’t know if I could. Since that match I hadn’t put in any trigger time.

My focus at Lower Providence would be accuracy. My shooting would slow to a crawl, if that is what it would take, but my accuracy had to improve to give me a confidence boost going into the upcoming Sanctioned IDPA Liberty Match. I had one horrible stage (Stage in the video with the Classic Targets) but otherwise I feel that I did well. I’ll know for sure when the scores are released. Wish me luck.


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    1. Yeah, the round count was higher than usual (good thing I picked up ammo before going to the match). The Match Director told us he had spare magazines incase anyone needed them (some stages were much larger than usual).

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