Lower Providence USPSA: Special Classifier Match

Lower Providence USPSA - Classifier Stage - 2012

With Winter almost over, the USPSA Season in Pennsylvania is just a couple of short weeks away. To kick off my season, I’ll be attending the Lower Providence USPSA Special Classifier Match on Saturday, March 2, 2013. The match will consist of 5 USPSA Classifier Stages and 2 Field Courses with an approximate round count of 150.

After shooting a Winter full of IDPA, I’m keeping my fingers crossed for a positive performance. I would hate to begin shooting and suddenly stow a magazine during a reload, or worse yet, run the gun dry and perform a slide-lock reload. Neither instance would be good for my already sliding C Class Percentage.

A Note From Ted Murphy
Lower Providence USPSA Match Director

We hope that you had a nice break but it is time to get back to USPSA at Lower Providence R&G Club!

Our first match of 2013 will be this Saturday, March 2. Registration will begin at 0800. Hammer down at 1000. New shooters need to arrive by 0900. If you have group squadding requests, please arrive before 0915.

This match will be a Special Classifier Match. We will have 5 classifiers and 2 field courses for you to enjoy. I will be posting the classifiers Thursday night on our Facebook PageOpens in a new tab..

We will have set up starting Friday at 4:00 PM. Saturday Setup will begin at 0700. We appreciate any and all help you can give us.

We are looking at hosting an NROI Level I Range Officer this Summer. We will have more information as this develops.

Thank you and I hope to see you on the Range Saturday!

Ted Murphy


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2 thoughts on “Lower Providence USPSA: Special Classifier Match

  1. Just do your run-through on the USPSA stage, and then run your plan. Just being able to do a run-through will help you keep to the USPSA plan.

    A tip on keeping IDPA and USPSA separate – always wear your IDPA vest when you practice IDPA, and never when you practice USPSA. Every little thing helps.

    1. I should be okay. I’m still at a point where a reload with retention or a slide-lock reload feels unnatural. Before performing either one I have to go over it in my mind before starting the stage, so that I don’t revert to USPSA rules and forget.

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