What Makes a Man Into a Monster: CT Fletcher Interviews Terry Crews

CT Fletcher and Terry Crews

Early this morning I was sitting on the couch, waiting for my wife to get home so that I could run over to the gym, when I ran across a picture from CT Fletcher on InstagramOpens in a new tab.. Later on in the afternoon he would be posting an in depth interview with Terry Crews.

I had seen the workout portion of the video (which was posted a day or two before) and was eager to see the sit down session between the two men. I’ve been following along with CT Fletcher’s videos on YouTube for a while now and he does some amazing stuff. The interview with Terry Crews has to be the best video he has done to date.

If you aren’t familiar with CT Fletcher, let me warn you – you don’t want to watch either video around children (lots of swearing). The interview portion runs an hour and twenty two minutes and it is well worth the time.


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