Making the Switch to Easton FMJ Arrows

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A couple of months ago, the Stowe Archers 50-Meter League came to an end and there was a bit of a lull in
my shooting. Like I always do when I’m between seasons, I contemplated making changes for the upcoming shooting season.

This time around I thought that I might want to switch gears and use my Elite Energy 35 as a real Bowhunter setup and not just a Bowhunter 3D Bow like last year. I put away my Gold Tip Series 22 and ordered a dozen Easton FMJ in the retro Autumn Orange color.

I got the arrows shooting great through paper but I was having one hell of a time shooting consistently. Frustrated, I was determined to get back to shooting like I did when my team won the Stowe Archers Indoor 450 League last winter.

On Thursday Night, while shooting the Stowe Archers Drop-In Money LeagueOpens in a new tab., it started to come together. I realized that I’ve been way too tense in my release hand. As soon as I relaxed, my groups tightened up and my score climbed.

At the end of the night, I shot the best score and walked out of the club with an extra $32 in my pocket. I’m quite proud of myself, especially considering we were shooting Inner 10’s and I was shooting skinny 5mm arrows.

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