Motorcycle Adjacent Podcast: Episode 3: Riding Habits and New Equipment

In The Motorcycle Adjacent Podcast: Episode 3, I discuss the format and direction of the podcast, my riding habits, new equipment that I purchased, and a question from Chopperfett.

Question from Chopperfett

ChopperfettOpens in a new tab. posted a video on his YouTube Channel where he asked – If you had a lump sum of cash, would you use it to buy one expensive motorcycle or multiple less expensive motorcycles?

I found the question intriguing and spent a fair bit of time weighing my options. Ultimately, I would prefer multiple motorcycles suited for different riding styles. For example, I would likely buy three bikes if I had $30k to spend.

This would give me an excellent do-it-all Street Motorcycle in the MT-09 that could tackle short trips around town just as effortlessly as a day trip across the state. The Ninja would see the vast majority of its use on twisty back-country roads and short trips. The V-Strom would enable me to scratch that itch of giving off-road adventure riding a try.

Motorcycle Adjacent Podcast: Episode 3 - Parked Motorcycles

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