March comes in like a lion, goes out like a lamb…

So the old saying goes “March comes in like a lion, goes out like a lamb”, or at least thats what I remember being told in grade school. While I don’t remember exactly what the weather was like in the beginning of the month, here in Pennsylvania, but the weather at the end of the month certainly wasn’t very lamb like.

While my wife and I were sitting in our living room watching television, we started hearing a sudden clattering on the room. My wife gave me a strange look and asked what it was, I told her that it sounded like hail. I got up from the couch and headed out to the porch. Sure enough, it was hailing.

I went back into the house to grab my Flip Mino, after all it isn’t often that we get hail, and I recorded a bit of it. After about ten minutes of a steady flow of hail, things picked up considerably and much more began to fall.

After another ten minutes had passed, my lawn was covered in marble sized pieces of ice. The hail abruptly stopped and transitioned into heavy rain. Before long by gutters couldn’t keep up and water was pouring off of my room in a steady stream. The wind began picking up and the trees began to sway in a mildly concerning way.

Then just as quickly as it all started, the rain slowed to a trickle and the skies got much brighter. When it was all over with, my yard looked like a swamp and my wife informed me that there was a tornado watch in our county.

So much for that old saying this year

Have you had any crazy weather
in these early days of spring?


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  1. I believe it refers the concept that if we get walloped at the beginning of March, the end of March should be nice.

    For NYC, that has been the case. šŸ™‚

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