Match Results: USPSA at Lower Providence Rod and Gun Club

USPSA Results - Lower Providence - Oct 1 2011

Ever since shooting USPSA at Lower Providence Rod and Gun Club, I have been eager for the match results to be posted. In fact, I was kind of obsessed and checked the USPSA Website every couple of hours hoping to see how I performed.

While checking this morning, I found the results and they weren’t exactly what I was hoping for. In the image above, you’ll see that ranked 12th out of 18 total shooters in Production Class. My goal was to land somewhere in the middle of the pack. Depending on how you look at it, I may or may not have reached my goal. When I saw a total of eighteen shooters I was really hoping to break into the Top 10.

One thing that did put a smile on my face was seeing progression from my first USPSA match in July. At the Topton Fish & Game USPSA Match I placed 15th out of 18 total shooters in Production Division. While it may be slow progress, it is progress none the less.

I don’t fully understand the USPSA Scoring System but I think I can see which stages hurt the most.

Stage 1:

I scored 25 A’s with only 2 D’s. On the surface this looks great (and I think it is) except I failed to engage two targets. With two rounds per target, that is 4 M’s (Misses) plus two penalties for not engaging the targets. I placed 15th out of 18 shooters on this stage.

Stage 1 was the one that I bombed. I failed to engage two targets (The one I moved away from during a reload and never went back for it)Opens in a new tab.

Stage 2:

I scored 12 A’s and 10 C’s with 2 M’s. Aside from the two misses, I think that was pretty good shooting. Unfortunately, I wound up hitting two no-shoot targets and drawings penalties. I placed 9th out of 18 shooters on this stage.

Stage 2 was where I was most happy with my results. Gun and all mags start out on the table (waste time loading mag pouches or reload by snatching mags from the table)Opens in a new tab.

Stage 3:

This is the stage that I cleared. I scored 26 A’s with all steel targets down. Even with a perfect score (on the surface), I placed 12th out of 18 shooters on this stage due to the time it took me to shoot the stage. I have to remember, this is a game of speed and accuracy.

Stage 3 of the Lower Providence USPSA Match. I cleared this one (All A Zone Shots) but my time was slow.Opens in a new tab.

Stage 4:

This was a classifier stage. I scored 8 A’s, 1 B, 2 C’s, and 1 D with no misses or penalties. I scored 12th out of 18 shooters on this stage. I’m kind of neutral on this one. More A’s would have been great but I think shooting a little faster would have placed me a little higher in the rankings.

Stage 4 and 5. I did okay had some C and D zone shots due to my shooting too fast.Opens in a new tab.

Stage 5:

This was another classifier stage. I scored 7 A’s and 5 B’s with no misses. Even with a time of just over 10 seconds (which I personally felt was pretty fast for my ability), I was light-years behind the 1st place shooter (who turned around, fired 6 shots on 3 targets, reloaded, and fired 6 more rounds at 3 targets, all in just over 6 seconds.)

Stage 6:

This stage was a bit muddy and I deliberately took it easy moving through it (everyone else took the same caution to it really is no excuse). I scored 23 A’s, 3 C’s, with 3 M’s, and 1 no-shoot penalty. The three misses plus the no-shoot is what hurt me the most on this stage. I placed 12th out of 18 total shooters.

Stage 6 and the Texas Star. I did decent here. Should have shot just a touch slower to make better hits.Opens in a new tab.

This is video from the match in case you missed it in an earlier post
iOS Friendly Version HereOpens in a new tab.


Hi There, My name is Walt White and as the name of this blog suggests, I am a Pennsylvania resident. In addition to having numerous hobbies that I discuss on my blog - I’m also the father of three little girls and a pitbull.

7 thoughts on “Match Results: USPSA at Lower Providence Rod and Gun Club

  1. Looks like you had some fun shooting and its a very tempting sport. I may have to join you on one of these next trips…. although I keep saying LOL. How does the Scoring work Whats the dif, between A and C?

    1. Corey,
      Funny, you keep saying that….. LOL

      I’m shooting Minor, which is determined by bullet weight and velocity under normal circumstances. However, Production Class is always Minor from what I understand (which is what I’m shooting).

    2. you got try it , you’ll like it! If you have a pistol there is no reason you shouldn’t at least shoot a match or two.

  2. Walt you are being unduely hard on yourself , The first six months I shot this sport I zeroed almosted everything but had fun , you had fun right? You are light years ahead of what I was when I was in second match ever mode. Did you expect to win the overall? Even though you may have been in the bottom thrid it’s the bottom thrid of a pool of shooters who have been doing this either for years or have triple the amount of trigger time you do. Don’t be so hard on yourself that the fun gets sucked right out of it. you are doing great but this sport is unforgiving to new shooters and you treaded the waters with grace and ease. The only time you should ever kick yourself in the ass is if you get DQ’ed. You are having a rapid climb and feel you will far surpass me into the middle of next season. You get into your own head to often it will cease to be fun and you will overthink so much you won’t improve at the pace you can , just go out have fun and try your best everthing will fall into place given time.

    1. Scott,
      I’m not beating myself up too much about it. While I would have liked to have done better, I’m seeing progress and am happy with it. Looking at my score compared to other competitors, I just need to practice more and shoot a bit faster.

      I just need to find my rhythm and shoot as fast as my skill set allows. In time I’m sure my rank will climb. Unfortunately we are at the end of the season and matches will be few and far between. With any luck I’ll be able to shoot York and Topton, getting all my classifiers in to get a shooter ranking for next season.

      Thanks for the comment.

  3. Walt Nov. 13th is the special classifer at York. and my one other buddy who never shot USPSA is most likely going to come to oley with me , thanks for telling me. Are you going to try to get your freinds who are on the fence about USPSA to shoot that oley match?

    1. Scott,
      I think your friend will have fun. I have talked to the guy running the match a few times and he says that they are laid back and very friendly to new shooters.

      I don’t think I have anything going on, on Nov. 13th so I should have no trouble making it. I’ll put it on the calendar and plan on being there.

      I’ve been pestering czerbe (posted first on this blog entry) about going shooting for a while now. If he doesn’t have anything going on, maybe I can convince him to check it out.

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