Mixing it up with a little Classic Rock

The Doors - The Soft ParadeLast week we talked classic television, now lets talk classic music. Last week I needed to make a trip down to my parents house to pick up some material for a project that I am working on. While there my father and brother were talking about possibly going to a concert in Allentown.

A couple of months ago my brother got ahold of a few tickets to a show at Crocodile Rock to see Saliva and Sevendust. My father has a very open mind when it comes to music and was asked if he would like to go along with my brother and his girlfriend. I couldn’t make it that particular night, so the three of them headed out to the show.

This was the first concert my father has gone to in years and he was looking forward to it. A few days after the show they were all telling me how much of a good time they had seeing these bands in such a small venue. Having been to Crocodile RockOpens in a new tab. on several occasions, I was familiar with how intimate the shows tend to be.

After having such a good time, my father and brother have been keeping an eye on the show list to see if anyone of interest was coming to town. After a quick look at the schedule, my father made mention that he would like to see Stone Sour live, and my brother agreed.

Growing up I remember my father being a big Jim Morrison fan, as a result I have been very receptive to the music that is The Doors. While I don’t mind the poetry reading that Jim Morrison performed on several albums, I don’t care much for the readings that Cory Taylor does. For whatever reason I simply find it unappealing and get the uncontrollable urge to skip the track when it begins playing.

Since this conversation between my father and brother, and comparing the poetry of two performers, I’ve gotten a bit of a Doors buzz. While I enjoy several albums, I’ve found myself listening to The Soft Parade more often than the rest. I find its a nice change of pace from the Five Finger Death Punch that I can’t seem to stop listening to.

What Classic Rock artist to
you find yourself playing more often than others?


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  1. Skynryd. Living in the south for the last 9 years has made me a fan of southern rock. I have this compilation called Mullet Rock. And it ROCKS.

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