Movie Night with the Wife: The Ugly Truth

The Ugly TruthOn Sunday my wife made a passing mention that there was a movie coming out later that evening that she wanted to watch together. I probably gave her a small smile and nodded my head as I continued with what I was doing.

Later that afternoon, my wife reminded me that we were going to be watching a movie together. I vaguely recalled agreeing to the movie and asked her what we were watching. Her response was The Ugly Truth with “the girl from Grey’s Anatomy” (I’m horrible with names, so she makes it easier on me. It turned out to be Katherine Heigl). Not being a fan of the show, I guessed as to which one it might be (and was correct) while I dreaded what I expected to be a chick flick.

When it came time to sit down and watch the movie, I asked my wife what caught her attention. As soon as she uttered the words “Romantic Comedy”, I felt a chill run up my spine. We settled in and the movie began playing.

The premise is pretty simple. Uptight woman is completely engrossed in her career and has difficulty dating. Rough around the edges man is hired and forced to work with woman. The two work together to get the woman a boyfriend and wind up falling in love with one another.

Sounds painful doesn’t it? It wasn’t and I think I enjoyed the movie more than my wife did! I went into the movie expecting something like You’ve Got Mail and it turned out be a chick flick and mans-man movie rolled up into one.

There were several scenes filled to the brim with crude humor and I couldn’t contain my laughter. The sexual references and foul language that began coming out of this uptight womans mouth as the crude male character rubbed off on her was fantastic. I was shocked on more than one occasion (given the chick flick movie mindset).

I don’t know when the movie was released but I had a blast watching it on Starz. If you haven’t seen it already, I’d recommend giving it a shot. Sit down and watch it with your significant other, I think they might just get a kick out of it too.

The Ugly Truth Trailer

Have you ever been pleasantly surprised
by a movie your significant other selected?


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2 thoughts on “Movie Night with the Wife: The Ugly Truth

  1. Nope, won’t even give it a chance. I have come to hate most of these types of movies, mainly because they are all the same. Ugh. I honestly don’t care if she would ever get a guy or he a girl. I just don’t get it. 🙂


    and Grey’s Anatomy kicks ass :p LOL

  2. The truth is yes and quite often, but…to I always admit to it? No. ‘Are you crying?’
    ‘No, of course not, it’s this damn conjunctivitis again’.

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