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Riverdance - Music From The ShowSeveral years ago, I remember walking from my house to a friends house before heading out for the night. When I got there, my friend and his mom were sitting in the living room talking. I joined in on the conversation and took a seat. Before long a VHS copy of Riverdance was popped into the VCR and my friends mom began watching.

She was apparently a big fan of the arts and would pop in in from time to time. I just so happened to show up before she sat down to watch it. My friend and I wound up getting into it and sat through the entire show. I never cared much for dance, but I loved the Irish Music.

From then on, I would make a point to watch it anytime it happened to air on PBS. I still enjoy the music just as much as I did the first time hearing it and stumbled onto a soundtrack some years later. That soundtrack was the inspiration for this post.

Anytime I have one of those days, where I just need to unwind, I load up the soundtrack and give it a listen. After a fairly long day of watching after the dog and putting in a couple of hours on a side project, I felt like a beer and a cigar. Before I could do so, I had to run out for a follow-up appointment and swing by my local Lowes hardware store.

Sure enough, just when I thought I could unwind, I had a couple of minor things pop up that delayed my beer and cigar a bit longer. When everything was taken care of and I could put a little time aside to unwind, I started looking through my MP3 collection when I saw my Riverdance Sountrack folder.

I loaded it into Winamp and hit play. While the music certainly isn’t something you would expect someone my age to listen to, it does wonders in helping me unwind. Unfortunately, I’ve never seen the show in person and would love to some day. Every once in a while the show comes to the greater Philadelphia area, but I always have something planned and can’t make it. One of these days I’ll finally be able to see the show live.

Random Riverdance Clip From YouTube

Is there a particular album in your collection
that always does the trick in helping you unwind?


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  1. Jimi Hendrix Blues album is pretty good. As is Jimmy Buffett, and some of the slower country stuff is relaxing. Oh, and I song. “Body of an American” by the Pogues.

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