Music Triggering Memories

Labyrinth DVD Starring David BowieJust before setting aside time to write this article I was editing the video for the Oliva Connecticut Reserve review on Stogie ReviewOpens in a new tab.. In between tasks I imported my classic rock folder into Winamp and hit shuffle. The usual stuff began playing, then something came on that I haven’t heard in years.

All of a sudden this song stopped me in my tracks and sparked a vivid memory of my childhood. Back when I was very young, less than ten years old, my grandmother used to watch me for a couple of hours after I finished school. From time to time I used to sit and watch a movie on VHS. One of the more entertaining ones I watched was entitled Labyrinth starring David Bowie.

Labyrinth was a movie about a girl that gets sick of watching her baby brother and wishes that monsters would come and take him away. Just as you would expect, monsters come and steal the baby away. When the girl realizes her baby brother is no longer crying, she goes to check on him. After a bit of a panic, an owl flies through the window and transforms into a wizard, David Bowie.

In order to get her baby brother back, the girl must travel through a labyrinth and claim her brother at a castle before he is transformed into a monster. Along the way the girl befriends various characters and eventually makes her way up and into the castle to save her brother.

The monsters reminded me of Sesame Street characters, or Muppets with an evil twist. Somewhere throughout the movie, David Bowie and the monsters break out into song and dance to Magic Dance. When I was young I thought this whole thing was very entertaining.

After talking about this movie, I think that I may just order it so that I can laugh at it and relive a little of my childhood.

Labyrinth Movie Trailer

Have you ever had a song trigger
a memory and stop you in your tracks?


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