My (Wife’s) First .22: Beretta Neos

Beretta Neos - 1

Lately I have been posting about guns and the feedback and discussion has been excellent. I wanted to continue with topic of guns and cover another of the tools I take to the range. I choose to discuss my wife’s first .22 after some lively discussion on Twitter about which .22 to buy.

The pistol featured in this video is a Berretta Neos. I picked this gun up for my wife for Christmas a couple of years ago. We took an NRA Basic Pistol Safety class together. During this class my wife had the opportunity to shoot the instructors Beretta Neos and fell in love with it. Weeks after taking the class my wife continued to tell me how much she enjoyed shooting the pistol. So, I did what any loving husband with a gun hobby would do, I made sure she had one to enjoy.

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Tell us about your favorite .22
What is it about that gun that makes it so much fun to shoot?


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