NaNoWriMo – Status Update – Day 2

NaNoWriMo - Day 2

I have clocked out for day two of National Novel Writing Month (MaNoWriMo) with a tally of 4,141 words. I’ve got a long road ahead of me, and I’d love to write more tonight, but I’m not feeling it and just have to walk away and come back fresh tomorrow. The writing itself wasn’t overly difficult, however, the circumstances surrounding the writing were.

Like any day that I work from home, I rose this morning at 3:30am and hit the gym. By roughly 5:00am I was back back home and putting on a pot of coffee to brew while I got cleaned up. My intention, as always, is to get as much accomplished as possible before the days daddy duties start at 7:30am. Before getting down to work, I wanted to get in a half-hour to forty-five minutes worth of solid writing time. Things worked out beautifully and I was happy with the section of story that I roughed out. I set aside the writing and got into a project I am doing for work.

Around 10:30am hell rose up from the depths of the earth and settled into my living room. My Windows Vista laptop that I use for work began experiencing technical difficulties. I spent a solid hour troubleshooting before getting fed-up and installing software on my Macbook to run the Windows operating system and the software required for my day job. Before I was finished, my four month old daughter went into a fit of screams (it appears as though she is teething) which lasted for what seemed like a millennia. I spent the next several hours tending to my daughter with one arm while I setup my laptop with the other.

When my wife arrived home from work, I headed to the local polling place and cast my vote for the election. Unlike my wife who stopped on her way home from work and found no crowd, my experience was a bit different. I came home and spent a bit of time getting my daughter ready for her four month checkup with her pediatrician.

Once things were settled, I got back to writing and roughed out a bit more of my story. While going back to tune the writing a bit, I was interrupted by banshee like screams from my daughter. It would seem that with her four-month shots, plus teething, she is not a happy camper. To add fuel to the fire, my wife isn’t feeling well. Mother and daughter are finally resting comfortably and I simply don’t have the mental capacity to continue working on my novel.

When I start fresh tomorrow, I don’t expect to add much to the overall word count. Most of my time is going to be spent making what I roughed out make sense. My head hurts, so that is all for this evening…


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