New Holland 2-Gun: First Match in the Books

A few months back, New Holland Rifle and Pistol ClubOpens in a new tab. announced that they would be running a 2-Gun SeriesOpens in a new tab.. There would be a total of 5 Matches and the competitors rank within each match would earn them points towards the series.

I spoke with the Match Director, Kerry Woods, at the Southern Chester USPSA Match and he was telling me that interest in the series exploded. Within two hours of opening pre-registration the match was filled.

I’ve seen a couple of comments pop up on Facebook talking about todays match. It looks like the first match went off without a hitch and shooters were happy. I’ve included some video at the head of this post, which was recorded by Matt OlinchakOpens in a new tab.. I suspect more video will begin to hit YouTube in the coming days. I’ll add those videos to this post as they become available (feel free to add yours to the comment section).

New Holland 2-Gun Series – Match 1 Results


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