New Rider Milestones – 500 Miles on my Honda CB650F

Back on June 2nd (2020), I took ownership of my 2018 Honda CB650F from Martin Moto. I’ve been enjoying the bike immensely and just love slipping out for an hour, here and there, to take a little ride. In the beginning my rides started off short – close to home and many (many) laps around local developments. It was a great way to get a feel for riding again after being away for ten years. As my comfort level grew, so did my riding radius.

Just the other day I pulled up the mileage on my odometer and realized that I nearly missed a very significant New Rider Milestone. At that point I had put 488 Miles on my bike in the first month that I owned it. Being a touch OCD about certain things, I couldn’t close out the month so close to the 500 Mile Mark – so I hopped on the bike to finish strong. I didn’t have to go far and it was the middle of a hot day, so I stuck to country roads around town and focused on getting the twelve miles in while enjoying the solitude.

I feel like I’ve learned a lot over the past 500 Miles – one of the more important things is that riding a motorcycle is very therapeutic. I’m amazed at how I can be stressed over work and just a couple of miles on the bike melts is all away. I forget all about that fast-approaching deadline or that annoying co-worker and just enjoy the moment.

It’s been an excellent first 500 Miles and I’m looking forward to many, many more on my Honda CB650F


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