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Willow - Special Edition DVD CoverLast week I wrote a post telling you a story about hearing a piece of music that brought back some memories. I went on to tell you about the movie that this music was in, Labyrinth. Shortly after that post I headed over to Amazon and placed an order for a few of the movies I remembered from my youth.

A few days later my package arrived and I eagerly opened it up to see the latest additions to my modest movie collection. Soon after checking out my order, I started making dinner and awaited my wife to come home from work.

When she returned I asked her if she was up to watching a movie with me. Her response, “I’m sorry but I’m not watching The Goonies”. I realized that I left the movies on the kitchen table and the movie that she mentioned was sitting right on top. I tossed The Goonies aside and asked her to pick between Willow and Labyrinth. She opted for Willow, which we began watching shortly after dinner.

The movie Willow is based on a world of fiction. The main character, Willow, is played by Warwick Davis. He is a little person of the Nelwyn race. One day his children find a baby in a river and bring it to their fathers attention.

The baby is special in that the prophecy says that it will destroy the evil queen Bavmorda and restore peace and harmony to the land. Queen Bavmorda is aware of this and takes steps to retrieve the baby. After dogs tear apart the Nelwyns village in search of the baby, a decision is made that Willow must take the child to a far away castle where she will be protected.

Along the way Willow meets a few other characters which makes for an interesting story. One of those characters is a swordsman, played by Val Kilmer, who helps Willow protect the child throughout his journey.

I enjoyed seeing the movie for the first time in years while my wife was not so entertained. This was the first time she saw the movie and chalked it up as another one of those “weird movies that I like to watch”.

Willow Trailer

Do you remember any obscure movies
from your childhood?


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7 thoughts on “Obscure Childhood Movies

  1. I was just talking to a coworker about Top Secret, Val Kilmers’ first role. He had never heard of it so I found a few clips on youtube. I remember seeing it in the theater, I would have been 8. Not a movie an 8 year old should watch. Lots of innuendo. That’s what strange uncles are for right?

  2. I remember Top Secret and Willow. What about these ones:

    – Krull
    – Something Wicked This Way Comes
    – Master’s of the Universe
    – Spaceballs

    I do have to admit never seeing Xanadu. 😛

  3. The one movie that stands out from my childhood is a movie that my cousin brought over my house to watch. What’s the movie you ask? The movie he chose to bring over was The Toxic Avenger. I was 9 years old at the time. It was my first introduction to blood, gore, guts, boobs, sex, drugs, sex, bad acting, horrible effects, etc. I still enjoy watching it to this day and I even own the dvd signed by Lloyd Kaufman.

  4. Ah Willow…

    I have that DVD lol

    That, Tombstone, and Real Genius were Val Kilmer’s greatest performances.

    Anyone remember Space Camp?

    Trivia: Space camp was Joaquin Phoenix’s first movie (Leaf Phoenix)

  5. Masters of the Universe! Live action he-man – it was great…to this day I love it and own the dvd.

    Tranformers the movie w/ Optimus Prime dying

    G.I. Joe the movie with Cobra-La

    Oddly, never saw willow…


  6. As far as obscure movies go, I watched a The Last Starfighter alot, and Iron Eagle too. Growing up a Naval air station, I always loved jets, and Iron Eagle was just too cool to me.

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