Old Time Favorites: Final Fantasy Tactics

Final Fantasy Tactics

Growing up in the 80’s, I like to think that I grew up in the golden age of video games. Sure, the systems now can do some amazing stuff, but I have some very fond memories of the old 8 bit Nintendo Entertainment System games that I was introduced to as a child.

As the years past, newer systems were released. If I wasn’t fortunate to have the latest gaming system, I always had a friend or family member that did. One way or the other, I kept pace with the current offerings all through childhood.

Some of the fondest games of my childhood were Role Playing Games (RPG). I had a blast playing titles like Final Fantasy and the like, but the one that hooked me the hardest was Shining Force for Sega Genesis. This game was later replaced by Final Fantasy Tactics some years later on the Playstation console.

If you are familiar with these titles, you probably remember that the battle system was very different from your typical Final Fantasy game. Rather than entering a battle in a fixed position and fighting turn by turn, these games dropped your party on a map and forced you to move around to attack. Think of it sort of like chess, different scenarios called for players to be configured differently.

I used to love getting into a tough battle where I can to shuffle characters across the map to gain an advantage and pull out a win. While the concept wasn’t as straight forward as other titles, I easily had the most fun with this system. It would seem that I was in the minority because I don’t recall very many other titles set up this way.

Just the other day I was digging through some of my old Playstation games when I found my copy of Final Fantasy Tactics. I was washed over by fond memories and couldn’t resist putting it into my Playstation 2 and playing for old times sake.

While Final Fantasy Tactics may not have the bells and whistles of newer games, it does a great job of keeping me entertained. Now, I wonder if I still have a Super Nintendo around here and a copy of Sim City…

Are there any older video games
that you still play from time to time?


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