That is one rough looking turkey

Every day I try to make a point to stop in over at Archery Talk and see what is going on. Generally I’m browsing the classifieds, checking out Bows I can’t afford, or I’m skimming recently active posts for something that catches my eye.

Yesterday, while killing time during my lunch break, something caught my eye. I clicked through to check out The Worst Display of TaxidermyOpens in a new tab.. Inside the thread I found photos of a pretty rough looking Turkey.

 photo DSC03455.jpg

 photo DSC03457edited.jpg

 photo DSC03452edited.jpg

 photo DSC03462.jpg

 photo DSC03459.jpg

I’m relatively new to hunting and love the idea of displaying my first deer (if and when I actually kill one). I’d love to get a shoulder mount done but due to the cost, a Euro Skull Mount of some sort is a much more realistic option.

Being as particular as I am about certain things, showing up to the taxidermist’s shop to pick up the Archery Talk Turkey would have ruined any chance of me ever getting work done again.

Later in the thread the Hunter informs us that he was able to get a refund of $320 but cautions you to do your homework before turning over a trophy animal.

In a case of sheer coincidence, I watched last nights episode of Duck Dynasty and immediately thought “I wonder if Jase did the work on that turkey, it looks a lot like his cow!

Duck Dynasty - Cow Blind

Duck Dynasty - Cow Blind

In case you were wondering who did the work, it was later revealed in the thread that Barry’s Taxidermy in Reinholds, Pennsylvania was credited for the mount.


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5 thoughts on “That is one rough looking turkey

  1. I’m not big on mounting animals for show, but after years of hunting bear and the experience I had shooting my first (less than 4 feet away) I had a full body done by a local taxidermist. I learned a lot about the business after dealing with him for over two years. First make sure they have the time and ask about their personnel life. Mine used a breakup with his girl friend then her illness as the reason it was taking so long. Then measure the size of your trophy (length weight) to make sure you get what you pay for. Molds are very expensive and using one the next size smaller is easier to form loose skin on and cheeper. I will think long and research much more before I portray another animal that way.

    1. Troy,
      I know that some things take a long time to do right but 2 years seems excessive.

      I’m not one to have mounts all over my house (it would be an extremely difficult sell to my wife anyway) but I can certainly see having a ‘first’ done (My first deer, my first bear, etc).

  2. Speaking of first are we going spring gobble hunting? Getting one would be a first for me too. My daughter and I have gone two years now with a bow, but only had one come close enough to see. We’ll have to make plans, I remember hearing birds last fall deer hunting.

    1. Troy,
      Did you hear them while we were out around Hawk Mountain?

      I’d love to get out and do some turkey hunting. My schedule is kind of tight but I could probably find some time on a few Mondays and Fridays throughout the season.

      1. Morning hunts only, we have to be out of the woods by noon (law). Later in the season you can hunt all day but no stalking, only stationary calling allowed. Starts in late April-May so we have some time to make plans.

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